King of the Hill Tournament

On Saturday, January 5th we will be doing a King of the Hill tournament.  This is a very different style tournament than we have done in the past, so I am going to post the rules here for all to read ahead of time and plan for.

  • 25 Point List, may come with three lists
  • 4 players to a table.  Earn a victory point for controlling center objective, earn 2 victory points for dominating it (2013 Steamroller control and dominate rules)
  • Earn a victory point for assassinating an enemy Warcaster/Warlock
  • When a Warcaster or Warlock is destroyed or removed from play, that player’s pieces are all removed from play.  The next player in line then deploys their pieces in the removed player’s deployment zone.  Their pieces cannot be damaged or targeted, and are immune to continuous effects, until the beginning of their first turn.
  • 10 minute turns, starting at the beginning of your control phase
  • Lists may be changed out between times on the table
  • Standard Steam Roller character restrictions do apply (thanks Black_Dynamite!)

If we have enough players, we will open a second (or a third!) table for play.  The games start at noon, and will go until 4.  The player with the most victory points wins the tournament.

Hope to see you all there!  If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or talk to me at the shop.


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