Choose Three…

Let’s say there is a tournament forthcoming and you know that every faction will be equally represented.  Except, you have the supernatural ability to banish three factions from the event entirely, which three would you pick?  Keep in mind, I am not talking about certain lists or certain players, I am just curious if (given the choice) which three factions would you choose to not have to face again soon?  For myself, the list looks like this:

  • Trollbloods
  • Cygnar
  • Legion of Everblight

…in no particular order really.  That isn’t because I think they are ‘broken’ or anything, but just because, at least, for me – these are the factions that give me fits.  One of the best players in my local shop plays Trolls, and he makes every game with him a slug-out attrition fest, and I think those games can be exhausting.  Cygnar’s ranged game can be irritating to deal with, and running into a Destruction scenario against Epic Haley with two Storm Striders and a Stormwall put me over the top.  That list makes me want to vomit, to be honest.  There is also the general rules flaunting that Legion is known for, which can also get a little old.  Perhaps I have seen a bit too much Ravagore spam lately.

Anyhow, that is how I am feeling about a certain trio of factions lately.  I am sure it won’t last, but it got me wondering.  What three factions do you most hate to play right now?


10 responses to “Choose Three…

  1. Hmm, for me, it is probably pure Legion. While trolls can be annoying, playing my Skorne doesn’t bug me. The Legion game has become all about annoying the opponent until they make a mistake, and that gets old pretty damn fast.

  2. I would pick Cryx, Skorn, and Menoth. I hate the hard to see coming combos of both cryx and skorn, and for menoth, i hate quire, if i am not playing hayley2, then they are a pain.

  3. Protectorate, Cryx and probably Legion.

    I don’t like denial armies, it just really seems to drag games out and I know I get cranky when I’m being constanly reminded that I can’t do something. I know that is how they work but it just gets frustrating. Cryx for their ability to just pile on the debuffs that can bring your army to a screeching halt if you don’t have the tools to use against them. And legion is… legion lol.

    I’m not saying that any of these are broken(except maybe invincible zealots lol) but they do make the gaming experience less enjoyable for me unless I can pack a list to deal with them. I do think that is part of the beauty of the Bodger Bowl because you can kind of guess what you are going to see and your opponent isn’t a total mystery on what they are going to run.

  4. Depends on the army I’m playing to be honest. But as a general list i would say cryx, protectorate and troll bloods. Skorne was on the list but i realised i barley ever play them and wouldn’t mind trying against them a bit more. I honestly just don’t like seeing the exact same list every time i play my opponent and cryx and menoth tend to always have the same specific units (choir/book/avatar and bane thralls tartersauce and the like) and almost never play things i would like to see that i haven’t before. I like lists that are not entirely predicable based off the army. New combinations of things is always exciting to see and play against!

  5. Protectorate, Cryx, and Legion.

    Well Protectorate I dislike ongoing fire, Cryx I dislike the debuffs, and Legion well they are just to hard for me to deal with right now.

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