IKRPG: Into the Inferno Pt. 2

Its time to update you all with what occurred in the second night of my IKRPG group last night.  You may remember last time, the party awoke to find themselves in a prison that they quickly managed to work through; freeing prisoners, finding their equipment, and combating some guards.  The finale of that first night found them escaping through the dungeon’s doors (with a mighty cannon blast that decapitated an exterior guard) to find themselves standing in a Menite temple (in a state of current construction).

I also realize I forgot to include the names of our adventurers:  Baddock the Ogrun Explorer / Man at Arms, Logan the Military Officer / Gun mage, Malificent the Aristocrat / Cutthroat, Milisandra the Morrowan Priest / Investigator, and Ryall the Warcaster / Arcane Mechanik.  The party also currently includes an NPC: Mella the Cygnaran Sorcerer / Thief – a young child who doesn’t say much.

So as our party burst into the Menite church they found 6 people in the room:  3 Temple Flameguard, 2 Cinerators (sans shields), and 1 priest, who seemed very much to be in charge.  The explosion which destroyed the door and decapitated one more (now dead) Flameguard surprised everyone, except the priest, who immediately began to chastise the adventurers.  Referring to them (respectively) as the barbarian, puny resistance man, drunken whore, Morrowan filth, and Iosan abomination she ridiculed them while preparing her magic for battle.

Baddock assaulted one of the Cinerators, coming up just short but planting a shield cannon shot into him thanks to the surprise attack.  Mella protected her new friends with a burst of fog and teleported behind a column, while Logan  dropped a Flameguard.  Milisandra moved up to B2B with Baddock, and attempted to drop another Flameguard.  Ryall put Polarity Shield up on Baddock, advanced himself, and shot the other Cinerator, who then moved towards Baddock.  Malificent then got into the fray, taking on the Cinerator who just moved, and sent him straight to Urcaen.  She then sprinted behind the cover of another pillar.

The Menites did what they could to respond to this surprise attack.  The remaining flameguard attempted to charge Baddock, but found it quite difficult due to unknown magic.  The lone Cinerator put some damage onto baddock.  The Menite priest uttered arcane words, sending a wall of fire up in front of Malificent, and casting another spell to send flame shooting into Baddock, who took more damage.  She then backed up a bit to await counterattack.

Unfortunately, with so little of her bodyguard surviving the initial fight, the adventurers did not have to work very hard to drop the priest, who uttered some last words to Menoth before death.  After looting the corpses and finding more writs for the arrest of ‘Jaell Roberts’, the adventurers examined the two desks and found a journal detailing the construction of the church, which was being built on land previously occupied by a Morrowan church.  They also found notes authorizing a partnership with a mercenary group known as the Dead Crows, wherein the crows would help the Menites capture Llaelese citizens in Greywind.

In what was undoubtedly the best part of the night, and adventurers argued about how best to escape the template.  In the end, Logan rolled amazingly well on a intimidate check against some Menite guards as he donned the deceased priest’s garments and impersonated her.  The guards were hard to dismiss, but Logan shot out an amazing roll (18 I believe) to convince them and send them running from their angered ‘leader’.  After finding some chests with gold and arrest warrants, the party was out into the night.

Before they fled too far, the party found an old converted warjack that Ryall managed to take control off; dropping a weapon bond.  Fritz here is pretty old, sporting an inaccurate spray 6 ranged attack along with a flail in his other arm.  His movement system has seen better days, having a bit of wear and tear, and some pressure leaks as well.

The party elected to make a hightail for the river to the safer Llaelese part of town, but stopped when they saw the contingent on the bridge.  It was far too much for them to take on, so they retreated, encountered some leftover Llaelese citizens, and took refuge in a friendly basement while Ryall went to work in the dark repairing Fritz.  All in all, another entertaining night!


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