Time To Get My Paint On

Well in just a few short days we will be starting our next Bodger Bowl.  I myself are very excited and am amped to get a bunch of painting done on my Legion of Everblight this season.  Unfortunately due to various things, manly moving into a new home I was not able to get much done during the last painting challenge that I did with Smash and RM.  I figure this event will be long enough and hold enough value to me that I will get a lot done.  Over this time I will be writing up a few articles about the modeling that I will be doing and also posting a few shots of what I accomplish!

So far in preparation I have already constructed my Legion battle engine with a mod added to it.  I am quite excited to get some paint on that monstrosity.  The conversion is my attempt to get the model to be similar to what you see in the Domination book for the unit entry art that they have; it eating Kossite woodsmen.  All that i have left of the modeling work to finish the conversion is to build up a cobble stone road on the base and add some rocks and dirt!  Let the painting and the games begin on Wednesday!


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