Warjacks & Warbeasts Ho!

So today at work, Red Manatee and I took our lunch break for a spirited debate on which faction packs the most power in the form of their Warjack/Warbeast options (including auto-include support).  So the candidate list looks something like this (in no order):

  • Khador
  • Cygnar
  • Cryx
  • Retribution
  • Protectorate w/Choir
  • Mercs
  • Legion w/Forsaken, Sheperds
  • Skorne w/ Beasthandlers
  • Circle
  • Trolls w/ Whelps
  • Minions

While you can argue that the other factions have solos that can help out their Warnouns (Koldun Lords, Mechanics, Arcanists, etc), I think the four factions with support above always run those support if they are serious about running a battlegroup-heavy list.  The question then is, how would you rank the power of the warbeast/warjack choices in each faction?  Assume here that you aren’t taking into account synergies with units, warcasters, warlocks, or other models – just a straight comparison of the relative power of the warjacks, warbeasts, and auto-include support.  Here is what I came up with (in order):

  1. Protectorate of Menoth
  2. Legion
  3. Skorne
  4. Retribution
  5. Cryx
  6. Trolls
  7. Cygnar
  8. Circle
  9. Khador
  10. Minions
  11. Mercs

Obviously, those factions with powerful support rise to the top; for me PoM, Legion, and Skorne were easily the top 3 when you take this in account.  Minions and Mercs suffer their usual dearth of options, Khador is just too slow most of the time, Circle cannot run fury heavy, Cygnar relies heavily on their Warcasters for their jacks to really shine.  Trolls start to do pretty good if they are packing sufficient whelps.  Cryx and Retribution is a virtual tie for me:  the utility of the Ret jacks evens out with the high DEF and MAT of most Cryx jacks.

So what about you?  If you were building a brand new faction and didn’t have any warcasters/warlocks yet, and you could choose the warjacks/warbeasts from one existing faction, what would you pick?  Do you agree that Choir put Protectorate over the top, or do you have another thought?


5 responses to “Warjacks & Warbeasts Ho!

  1. Are you considering that all the jacks will be fully loaded every turn with focus? What about animus combinations with hordes? I don’t really have any qualms with your list as is just curious as I think Trolls move up if you start factoring in more fury and their many useful animi. Its definitely a difficult thing to really quantify because a lot of it has to do with the players style and who they are playing against. Fun topic to debate though!

  2. Good question Skurk. I wasn’t thinking about they being loaded every time… From the outside, that seems like a recipe for disaster with Trolls as they don’t have any ways to deal with excess fury. Maybe that is wrong. How do Trolls handle running 3-5 beasts hot every turn, or is it not feasible?

  3. Are you accounting for Cygnar’s ranged ‘jacks marshalled to Gun Mages? Giving Hunters, Defenders, Cyclones, and Avengers access to rune shots is a pretty big deal, imo.

  4. Well if there is one whelp near them they can lose all of the fury. But its definitely harder to keep a supply of whelps around and in the correct locations to be able to do that than say a shepherd or a beast handler.

  5. I agree with that list. But to add something i think pom beats legion for top spot by a little not a lot. Because animus aid is awesome its still not as good as a full choir :)

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