Bozeman Survey Results 4 – Steamroller Tournaments

The second to last portion of this series will talk about the response to tournaments.  Specifically, Steamroller events run in Bozeman.

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Analysis of tournament responses below the fold.

Day Held

Sunday Likelihood

Saturday Likelihood

An important question we asked our players was whether or not they would be likely to attend a tournament on Sundays, as well as Saturdays.  Traditionally, Warmachine/Hordes has been played at the shop on Sundays, but there were some players who, prior to the survey, had expressed interest in a Saturday tournament.  So, we wanted to see the likelihood of participation.

At first glance, it looks like Sunday “wins out” as it were.  But, a deeper inspection of the numbers shows that Saturday has one less “very likely” and one more “likely” than Sunday – which implies that they are pretty equivalent.  Since we have our first Saturday event later this month, I guess we will see how well that pans out.

Day Held Importance

This result also belies another question we asked, which was how important day held was for a Steamroller event.  The direction of this graph implies that the day held was very important, but most people who responded were indifferent to either Saturday or Sunday (or there was a, coincidentally, equal number of respondents who shifted around in likelihood).

Given our lackluster turnout for tournaments recently, we will have to see how this pans out.  Hopefully people will start to attend them more as we hold them at least once a month.

Other Factors

Price Importance

We asked how much other factors were likely to influence people’s decisions to play or not in a Steamroller.

One question we asked was related to price.  We wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a large factor for people, and wasn’t why people were not participating in Steamrollers.  Based on this result, I wold guess that price is not an issue for most people.  Please note – this does not mean it is not an issue for anyone.  Simply that, for the majority of the community, price was not a huge issue.  (Our steamrollers tend to run around 10 bucks usually).

Number of Participants Importance

Another interesting result was how important number of participants was.  In the future, I think I will ask a more direct question about whether or not more participants are a good thing, as I know at least one person expressed a desire to only play in tournaments with less players.

However, based on other results, I would guess that most players would prefer larger tournaments to smaller ones.  They tend to be more exciting, with a greater chance of playing different players.  This is a hard one to manage as a TO, as it is entirely dependent on the players showing up.  so, if you want larger tournaments, it is best if you show up for them so that the tournaments become larger!

Different Steamroller Interest

One other question we asked was surrounding “different types” of tournaments.  This was focused towards tournaments that had funny rules, like specific strange scenarios, only playing with Warcasters/Warlocks, team games, list building restrictions, etc.

The response to this was surprisingly positive.  So, we may look into some ideas for wacky tournaments, and maybe some strange ideas and shorter formats that could be held on Wednesday nights (the main “open play” night at our Friendly Local Game Store).

Conclusion on Steamrollers

Based on these results, we will be attempting to run a Steamroller at least once a month.  Maybe more often once the new year comes around if people are interested, and that interest turns into people playing.  Next week I will finish up this discussion with the results related to Privateer Events (i.e. Summer Rampage).  Thanks again to everyone who took the survey, and if you missed out on this one, we will be doing another sometime next year to address any issues we think might be cropping up.


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