Painting Challenge – Finished!

The Painting Challenge finished yesterday.  Congratulations to Smash on getting everything done.  Squelch purchased a new house in the middle of the challenge, and so was unable to complete everything.  But congratulations on what you did complete.  I also completed my last model, Saxon Orrik, last night at ~ 10:00 PM local time.  Pretty crazy month for painting.  Final results below the fold.


  • Supreme Aptimus Zaal [+5] (Painted September 11th)Ancestral Guardian [3] (Painted September 15th)
    • Kovaas [included] (Painted September 11th)
    • Cyclops Shama [5] (Painted September 15th)
    • Aptimus Marketh [3] (Painted September 11th)
  • Ancestral Guardian [3] (Painted September 15th)
  • Bloodrunner Master Tormentor [2] (Painted September 8th)
  • Bloodrunner Master Tormentor [2] (Painted September 10th)
  • 6 Cataphract Arcuarii [9] (Painted October 7th)
  • Extoller Soulward[2] (Painted September 8th)
  • Hakaar The Destroyer [4] (Painted September 15th)
  • Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor [2] (Painted September 15th)
  • Saxon Orrik[2] (Painted October 7th)
  • Tyrant Commander and Standard[3] (Painted September 8th)
  • 1 Cataphract Cetratus [?] (leftover from my unit of Cetratus, finishing it up with this set) (Painted September 15th)

Bonus Round: I also decided to paint up Hexeris1, since I was playing an unbound game against MeatKat’s Cryx army.  He was finished September 15th as well.


  • Absylonia
    • Ravagore with Extra Kit Parts all painted
    • Ravagore with Extra Kit Parts all painted
    • Shredder (Completed)
    • Shredder (Completed)
    • Shredder (In Progress)
    • Shredder (In Progress)
    • Naga Nightlurker
  • Shepherd
  • Shepherd
  • Forsaken (In Progress)
  • Forsaken (In Progress)
  • Forsaken (In Progress)


  • Hierarch Severius [+6] (Finished)
    • Blessing of Vengeance [7] (Finished)
    • Reckoner [8] (Finished)
    • Sanctifier [9] (Finished)
    • Hierophant [2] (Finished)
  • 6 Choir of Menoth [3] (Finished)
  • 10 Holy Zealots [6] (Finished September 13th) 
    • Monolith Bearer [2] (Finished September 13th) 
  • Reclaimer [2] (Finished)
  • Covenant of Menoth [2] (Finished)

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