My First GM

So, this coming Friday I will be GMing my first role playing game ever, as I take the reins of a custom campaign I am working up.  I am really excited, but a little nervous.  The campaign begins in the Llaelese city of Greywind, where our adventurers find a city in the midst of conflict between a branch of the Protectorate of Menoth Northern crusade and the Llaelese Resistance.  I cannot say much more at this point (as a few of the players are writers on this blog), but I hope to bring back occasional updates as we work our way through the campaign.  Hopefully we can all laugh at my failures and (hopefully once in a while) my successes.

A few thoughts about the game itself, before we sit down to give it a try:

  1. The careers give a really good mix of backgrounds.  I am really pleased with the breadth of careers included in the core book.  From the hardline combar careers (Soldier, Gun mage, Cutthroat) to the subtle, more soft careers (Investigator, Explorer, Priest), there is quite an array.  I also really like the fact that new character choose two careers; this really lets players take a combar-centric option along with something a little bit more suited to social situations.  In case you are interested, this is what we have in our campaign:
    • Human Morrowan Priest-Investigator
    • Human Gun Mage – Military Officer
    • Ogrun Man at arms – Explorer
    • Iosan Warcaster – Arcane Mechanik
    • Human Aristocrat – Cutthroat
  2. I like that there isn’t an immense variance in initial skills.  This seems to preclude hard min-maxing, as the range for skills isn’t immense, largely due to tiered limits.  Characters have a cap on their skill levels and their stats in the beginning (and throughout their lives, although the caps increase).  I think this got players more focused on what kind of character they wanted to portray, as opposed to what in-game mechanic they wanted to focus on.  Our group has a nice balance of magic, ranged, and melee attacks – and with Explorer, Investigator, and Aristocrat, we are pretty set in the soft skill department as well.
  3. Privateer Press has made some named skills undergo interesting translations for the role playing world.  Ambush, for example, gives a player boosted attack and damage rolls against an opponent who hasn’t yet gone in the first round of the game, as opposed to the miniature version, which let you place on the tabletop later.  The revised version still makes sense, and players a bit like its miniatures counterpart.  Virtuoso has also been changed, as all player characters pretty much have the miniatures version of the skill at all times.

So, I look forward to putting it through its paces this week, and I am excited to let you all know how it goes!

Are you playing the IKRPG?  Let us know what you think in the comments!


2 responses to “My First GM

  1. Not playing the RPG yet, but interested in doing it soon. Having played alot of other RPG’s and being a big fan of warmachine seems like a great combination. Besides winter is coming and that is when i do alot more roleplaying.

  2. I know I am excited to play my Iosan. Just need to finish painting Sylas now so I can have a fully painted miniature for the game! :)

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