Iron Kingdoms RPG

This week I would like to take some time to talk about the new Iron Kingdoms RPG.  One of the things that drew me into Warmachine in the first place is that the fluff is very strong.  The story helps a new player to understand the rule set.  The same can be said about the Role Playing Game.

They have taken the rich world they have created and finally made it into a playable system.  For people who have maybe shied away from Dungeons and Dragons, this system is gritty.  It doesn’t seem quite as deadly as many Cyber Punk systems but still maintains the feel of Warmachine itself.

What can you do:
The system is broken up into thirty separate careers of which you select two.  For example you can choose to be a Menoth Priest and an Investigator, Or you could choose a Gun Mage and  Sorcerer.  You can even play a Warcaster.  This lets you pick things that you love in the game and a secondary career to ballance your character out.

You can choose to be a Human, Dwarf, Gobber, Iosan, Nyss, Ogrun or Trollkin.  Each race gives you different stat benefits, but it seems that selecting a race for fluff reasons won’t really hurt you.

The spells and weapons are presented in exactly the same manner as your cards.  If you already know how to play Warmachine it won’t be a big step to learn to play the role playing game.  So get out there, get your friends and create that Jack Mechanic who sides as a Spy while in town and get ready to have an incredible adventure.


One response to “Iron Kingdoms RPG

  1. Once i scrounge up the money for it and everything else i want i would love to actual do a campaign for this. Maybe make our characters into homebrew figs for special WM/H games?
    From what i have read there is alot of awesome fluff in it too….

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