For Your Consideration, iPhone & iPad Users…

While perusing the Privateer Press Forums today, I happened upon a thread from an iOS developer.  While the main point of the thread was a pitch for a new app, I checked out the three existing apps this user, Paul Clark, already has on the Apple app store, Battle Track, Hit Gauge, and Battle Clock.  I have to say that I was quite impressed with all three apps, and I wanted to give them a brief pitch here.

Hit Gauge:

This was the first app I downloaded, and I was pretty impressed.  Sure it is simple, but oftentimes simple and concise is exactly what I want from an iPhone app.  Here is almost everything I need to judge the complexity of an attack in Warmachine.  Easy access to common modifiers (in melee, concealment, etc) along with colored indicators make judging your attack situation a breeze.  I really liked the dice odds app I used before, but this app is far cleaner and well done.  Plus, it doesn’t have ads.

Battle Clock

With the game sliding towards the death clock format, a really slick chess clock style app is a must.  I have downloaded many of these, and often times the hit detection for changing sides isn’t that great.  This app detected ever small tap I made, which is really important in this format.  Furthermore, it has a simple style that focuses on the information at hand.  You can choose to have the app show you how much time your current ‘turn’ has taken (in addition to how much death clock time you have left), and I really like that aspect.  If you play timed turns, this app also has you covered with a simple configuration page.

Battle Track

This is the one app of the three that I have played with the least.  I am still not sure about digital damage tracking, but I like how this app approaches the problem.  The screenshot above doesn’t do it justice, so I suggest you download it and check it out.  Although the app is generic, you can import Warmachines & Hordes information immediately, and get going on setting up your ‘rosters’.  This import file seems up to date; it had the Naga Nightlurker, which is one of the most recently released warbeasts I am aware of.  You can get at-a-glance army status in the general view, or examine the systems and spirals of any particular model.  All in all, very well done.

Oh, and did I mention these apps are all free?  Really, it is great to see a fellow player put in the time to produce utility apps like these.  If you need a good timer, odds calculator, or damage tracker, I really think you should give Paul Clark a look.


6 responses to “For Your Consideration, iPhone & iPad Users…

  1. I always appreciate exposure for my iOS development. You provide quite a nice overview of the apps I have previously created.

    I’m excited for my newest app that will hopefully bring Battle Reports into the more mainstream by providing users with a, once again, easy to use interface. In essence you will be able to take pictures of your games, and then afterwards provide audio commentary of those pictures. This can then be bundled up into a movie to be shared.

    Hit Gauge was my first step into iOS development. It’s simple and concise for table top needs.

    Battle Clock has been downloaded over 2000 times, and seems to be one of the more popular chess clock apps. I like when I see it used in tournaments.

    Battle Track has sort of fell out after WarRoom was released. I really enjoyed using it before WarRoom came out. I don’t know that I will update the app for Colossals or keep the data file up to date.

    Once again, thanks for the kind words.

  2. Yeah, I watched the demonstration video you have of that new app. It looks very useful. We do a football-style league in our local shop called the Bodger Bowl, and that app would be a great way to capture our championship game and post the commentary. I look forward to trying it out. Thanks again!

  3. Already doing a beta test on the app and will be using it wednesday for my game/s.
    Would love to post up any battle reports on the site if you guys don’t mind?
    Will definitely be using for bodger bowl… We could have a sportscenter highlight video for games each week if a few people use this would be fun and amusing. Hit me up wednesday if you want to see the app in action, will be there about 7:15 after work…

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