Bozeman Survey Results 3 – Bodger Bowl

First, an apology.  I was very ill last week, with some sort of horrific flu (and am on various steroids now to reduce the inflammation in my chest).  So, I didn’t get to finish this post in time.  But here it is, and we should be good to go for next week as well, assuming I don’t get sick again.

Since running the Bodger Bowl, I have heard nothing but praise and good things about it.  And while I like to have my ego stroked, I also wanted to know what people honestly thought of it.  I wanted to make it the best it could possibly be, and I was excited to see what people felt about it.

Shameless Plug/Reminder

The Bodger Bowl signups for Bodger Bowl II are currently underway.  If you want to be in the next Bodger Bowl, sign up now before you forget – no late submissions will be accepted!

Survey Participation

No one who took the survey had not heard of the Bodger Bowl. 10 of the participants played in it, while 9 had heard of it but not played in it. This was actually a pretty big deal, as there were 12 participants in the previous Bodger Bowl.  One of them was smash, my co-author of this survey, so he didn’t take the survey.  The other has since dropped out of the Warmachine and Hordes community (for reasons unrelated to the Bodger Bowl, as far as I am aware).  So this was actually a very good survey of those who had participated before.

I wanted to know this information for two reasons.  The first was that I had two different pages to ask questions about, based on whether or not people had participated.  The second was I wanted to know how many players had responded to the survey, so I could tell how good the results probably were.  (They are likely very good).

Enjoyment of Bodger Bowl – Perceived and Real

Non Participant Thoughts on how much it was enjoyed

Non-Participant Ratings of Bodger Bowl

Participant Ratings of Bodger Bowl

Participant Ratings of Bodger Bowl

It was interesting looking at the differences of opinion between those who participated vs. those who had heard about it.  Clearly, the overall impression was positive.  However, the people who played in it had a much more positive impression of it overall  than those who had simply heard of it.

What this says to me is that I need to do a better job of promoting it and reminding people of how much fun others said it was.  That said, I found these results to be very promising and positive.

Bodger Bowl Special Rules

I asked some questions of those who played the game about the special rules in the Bodger Bowl.  Specifically, the inclusion of bonds and injuries.  I also asked about the record keeping.  The results were illuminating.

Reminder – these questions were only answered by the 10 players who stated they played in the Bodger Bowl.  So the number of participants is going to be smaller.

Injury Rules

How much the Injury Rules were likedHow much people liked the injury rules was interesting.  Most people had positive impressions of them (7 of 10), while 2 were neutral.  There was one person who didn’t care for them.  They didn’t leave any comments about it in the comments field, so I don’t know what they didn’t like about it.  If that person is reading this, feel free to send me a private note, or come talk to me (or leave a comment) to let me know what you think could be done better.  Overall, people loved them, and I plan to include them in the Bodger Bowl II coming up in October.

Bond Rules

How much people liked BondsI asked about the bonding rules because I was curious how people liked them.  I have always liked them, but have never had a good chance to have them come into play.  I thought this type of setup was a really good way to bring them into play.  9 people apparently agreed with me, while 1 person hated the rules.  Based on the comments, I think this had to do with the record keeping.  More on that in the next section.

The record keeping was an interesting question, because I felt that it needed a LOT of work (and I have some ideas for how to make it better this time around).  The responses were some of the most negative in the whole Bodger Bowl responses, and I think people were being too nice, personally.  I can say, with certainty, that this is an area that needed a lot of work, and I am going to focus on it for the upcoming Bodger Bowl II.

The response to the Bodger Bowl was overwhelmingly positive.  We are definitely doing a second one (as you can see from the events pages).  I look forward to the next one, and to seeing the group grow!

Next week, I will be talking about Steamrollers, and people’s responses to those.  Play hard!


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