Tips and Tricks for the New Warmachine & Hordes Player: Painting Edition 4

I have continued to paint up my Satyxis raiders.  This week I continued to do a little more work on the face and other skin portions of the models.  I have been working on the process of two brush blending to make the accents in the flesh more gradual.  Now that I had the basic flesh done I continued onto the block painting for the other regions of the model.

Painting Order

  1. For the leather regions on her armor I started with Cryx Bane Base.  I didn’t think the Thrallmar Black would look quite natural enough.
  2. I also used this for the base region of the chain mail.
  3. I based the metal regions and the chain weapon in Gun Metal from Army Painter.
  4. Her cloak has been based in Beaten Purple.
  5. The Horns were based in a deep rich brown
  6. For now the Hair was based in a deep grey so I can try to make her hair a more silver.

Painting the Face of the Satyxis Raider

Apologies for the blurry image this week, being sick and shaky hands made this a little harder, but as you can see her umm female accents turned out quite nicely.

I was surprised that the Cryx Bane Base made a better initial base than the Thrallmar Black.  But I guess that true black doesn’t exist in nature so it makes a little more sense.  That also helps keep the theme of the entire army together.

I also used this as the base of the chainmail.  I really don’t care for drybrushing.  It isn’t something that I am very good at yet, but it is a lot easier than individually painting all the links of the chain.  So that will happen this next week.

The Gun Metal was a nice deep silver colour.  It will let me do a few other shades of silver later to bring up the tone.

Using Beaten Purple for the cloak should help bring a richness to the cloak.  I will actually be doing the highlighting in more of a red tone to create a more drastic difference between the deepest and highest points in the cloak.

The Horns are the deep brown and I will be using some of my flesh tones later to lighten up the horns layer by layer.

Next week I will be moving from the basing to the detailing on the legs, chain and finally the cloak.


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