Colossals in the Summer Sun

Just this last Sunday, I finally ran the Summer Rampage at our local game shop.  I am really glad I did; people had a blast duking it out with their beasts and jacks for all those acheivements and  points.  And even though I was running the event, I got in several games with players who needed an opponent (I of course wasn’t keep score).  One thing that came up in a lot of my games were Colossals:  two Stormwalls and one Conquest, to be precise.

My initial thought (not having played against many Colossals/Gargantuans yet) was that these huge-based monstrosities were going to lay waste to the army their opponent brought against them.  Boy, was I wrong.  Undoubtedly somewhat to blame was the fact that most of our games were 35 pt matches to keep them quick, but I was really not impressed by these models in this format.  It seemed like there were so many better ways to spend all those points.  In all three of these games, I played Mortenebra.  I just recently purchased her and I wanted to see what her Tier 4 list could do in this format.

Colossal game 1: Against Kraye with a Stormwall

This was the shortest game of the day for me; my opponent was somewhat enraged by the combination of Mortenebra’s feat as well as her Interfacing with a Deathjack pummeling on his Stormwall.  Let me just say that is an insanely nasty combination, and one sure fire way to drop a Colossal.  However, I have seen Kraye use Full Tilt to good effect on a Stormwall, but really, is it worth the investment?  In the best case, the Stormwall is dropping 5 melee attacks (assuming he didn’t charge) at high POW.  However, that POW isn’t too much higher than my Deathjack, and cost way more points.  While I do see the ranged options of a Stormwall as pretty potent, they certainly aren’t going to be able to take down the 3+ heavies I was able to get with the same amount of pts (2 Slayers and a Seether, specifically).  Even in melee, my opponent opted to put hits onto several of my jacks, and (even with his high pow) wasn’t able to take any of them down far enough.  While a Colossal in melee can wreck one specific target, it just lacks sheet attack count for handling more than one enemy heavy at a time.

Colossal game 2: Against Vlad with a Conquest

I play Khador also, so this one was interesting; it was only my 2nd time playing against Conquest (the first being at Lock & Load the day after it released).  The list also included Black Ivan, a war dog, and a Koldun lord.  The funny thing was, the list composition made for a Khador that stayed back and tried to crit devastate me to pieces.  That happened once; Cryx jacks have a high enough DEF that a crit isn’t the easiest thing to come by.  Whereas the Stormwall can be quite scary at range, the Conquest didn’t really concern me at all.  True, Mortenebra has Jump Start, which mitigates much of the danger of the Conquest’s Dual Guns, so I didn’t have as much to worry about.  But again, the amount of points invested in getting to make that attack, plus a few linked gun shots, just never seemed worth it.  Conquest isn’t going to hit anything with RAT 4, and boosting every shot isn’t an option when he can shoot 5 times.  In melee, yes, Conquest would have ripped any Cryx jack to pieces.  That is IF he could hit, and he would probably boost to make sure a charge connecting, leaving him with less overall attacks.  Once again, I felt I had little to worry about.  In the end, a five focus Deathjack on a feat turn pretty much ended another Colossal.

Colossal game 3: Against Epic Haley with a Stormwall

This was the most difficult match of the three, probably as much due to Epic Haley as the Stormwall.  Although my player in this round caused me far more grief with his Colossal, using storm pods, melee attacks, and storm callers triangulating every round to render every single one of my warjacks disrupted every turn.  Thankfully I had a pair of Warwitch sirens along to fix that little issue, but not soon enough to save many of the jacks from destruction.  The combination of Haley and perpetual disruption made my task harder, and I ended up loosing to the Black 13th after my opponent racked up lots of Summer Rampage points scrapping all of my warjacks.  In the end though, I didn’t feel it was nearly all due to the Stormwall, but more to Epic Haley and  plenty of ranged attacks pointed at the relatively frail Mortenebra.  In fact, before she went down, Morty had lived to see the destruction of the last Colossal of the day.

So, what did I learn about Colossals in the Summer Rampage?  Maybe it was how wonderfully suited Mortenebra is to face them.  Jump Start, Interface, a damage-guaranteeing feat, and a tier list loving Warwitch sirens certainly helped me wreck every Colossal I faced.  So I suppose my judgements about Colossals might be biased, but I just didn’t see any justification for 19 pts in those models.  Had we played higher point levels I might have felt differently, but I am still not so sure.  In the three factions I play (Khador, Cryx, Protectorate of Menoth), I just am not sure if a Colossal purchase is in my future. The monetary investment for so many points that seem lackluster just doesn’t strike me as worth it.  At least in the summer Rampage format, where hordes of jacks and beasts are king, the huge bases just don’t bring enough pain for my money.


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