Bozeman Survey Results 2 – Leagues

Something we wanted out of the survey was to get a feel for how much the community liked the different leagues, and whether or not we should keep doing them.  To that end, we asked questions about the Journeyman leagues, and about the “official” Privateer Press leagues (this year, the War Torn Alliances leagues).

The reason we asked this is because our impressions were going to be heavily biased by both our own experiences, and the experiences of those we talked to the most.  Thus, to avoid getting too much group think involved, we wanted to make sure that people had an opportunity to voice their opinions about the leagues.

Journeyman Leagues

We have just finished up a Journeyman league locally.  It was a good time – we had a lot of new players (I think around 8 or so who were brand new in the league).  Many of those new players did not fill out the survey, but we at least got some information from the people who did.

Part of what we wanted to see, was it worth it to keep running Journeyman Leagues at least once a year (spoiler: yes), or should we abandon them.

General Interest

Probably the most important question asked, we asked how likely people would be to participate in a Journeyman league, with 4 being “Very Likely” and 1 being “Very Unlikely.”  Based on just these numbers, we can see that there would be more than enough to run a successful league, even if only half of the “likely” respondents participated.  This information all on it’s own was very helpful in determining this.

League Specific Prizes

We asked how important league specific-prizes (i.e. patches and the like) were to people participating.  It was pretty clear that most people wanted to participate in large part because of the league specific prizes.

This tells me that people are enjoying the patches that are given by the league.  I can definitely understand that – it is one of the cooler parts of the league in my opinion.

Maximum Number of Games per Week

We also asked people how important having a limit on games was to whether or not they participated.  As you can see, this was an important restriction.  Anecdotally, this was not surprising – people definitely enjoyed not feeling like they had to play a ton of games per week to succeed at the league.

I realize that Privateer Press’ standard league rules allow up to five games.  However, our player base is fairly mature – most are 21 or older, and most have full time jobs and/or college full time.  We don’t have the time that some groups do for lots of games.  The fact that we can support two game days at the shop is an artifact of the number of players we have, not how much time individual players have.  Limiting to three games per week seemed to be a big hit amongst a significant majority of the players.

Journeyman – Would do Again?

The answer from everyone seems to be a solid “yes.”  Pretty exciting.  We will plan on doing another one next year some time, when we have another influx of new players, or have an influx of lots of players starting new factions.  Given the huge success (27 participants I believe), we have no question about getting enough participation in another league.

Privateer Press “Standard” Leagues

I call these “standard” leagues because I have no other better descriptor for them.  Official?  I don’t know.  These are represented this year by the War Torn Alliances leagues.  Next year there will be a new set of leagues, I am sure.

The reason this question came up is that the official leagues have had a rather lackluster response locally.  The last one only had 6 players in it, and we wanted to make sure if we were going to devote time to it that they would be enjoyed by a significant number of the community.

General Interest

The all important question – how likely are people to participate in the league?  This is where the basic rubber meets the road – or in this case, pewter meets the table.  If we do not have enough support here, we can simply full stop and not run the leagues, because people have shown they are not interested.

That was not the case.  While the numbers are less glowing for the standard leagues than they are for the journeyman, they are certainly enough to allow us to run another one.  By the way, the last league of the year starts today: Wednesday, September 12th.  If you want us to keep running these leagues, you will need to sign up for them!

But, what do we do about the others who are not interested in playing in the leagues?  The 1’s and 2’s?  We are trying something different this time – we are going to allow people to play against people who are not in the league for points as long as the league game follows all of the other rules.  We will see how that goes over, and if it hurts league attendance or helps it.

League Exclusivity

We asked the participants how important it was for them to be able to play people outside of the league if they were to play in the league.  Turns out, that was pretty important.  For 7 of the participants, it was important or very important.  For 2, it was unimportant or very unimportant.  Hence why we wanted to try it out this time with the upcoming league.  If it works well, it could save leagues in the shop.


We also wanted to know how important number of participants was to whether or not people participated in leagues.  Turns out, this is also very important.  I believe this will be somewhat mitigated by the prior question, but I think part of this is the idea of “if I am first out of three, what did I really win?”

It will be interesting to see how many people participate in the league.  Participation is king, as is noted by this result here.


So, do we run another league?  Well, yes.  Today starts the next league, and I recommend that if people want to see more of these leagues that they sign up.  This is a raw matter of economics.  If we don’t have enough people to keep the league interesting, it isn’t worth doing.  If we do, then fantastic – let’s do them.

Next Time: Bodger Bowling

Next time I will be discussing the Bodger Bowl results.  Since I was the one who ran the last one, and am running this next one, these results were particularly interesting to me.  Hence why I am devoting a whole column to them.


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