Summer Rampage Results

I know we are a little bit late to the Summer Rampage party here in Bozeman, but yesterday saw many of our players throw their best warbeasts and warjacks into the fray as they fought for five different awards.  Here are the results!

We had several players show up for this awesome event, and almost everyone really enjoyed it.  Blake’s painted Legion looked great, and decimated everyone it faced, giving him both Dominator and Artisan.  Andrew was right there with him, earning 3 of the Rampages in record time to almost snag the overall title (his one lost cost him dearly), but leaving him as the Beast Handler.  Mat had a strong showing with his Protectorate of Menoth, earning the Arcane Mechanik.

  • Dominator (overall winner) – Blake
  • Arcane Mechanik (Strongest non-Dominator Warmachine player) – Mat
  • Beast Handler (Strongest non-Dominator Hordes player) – Andrew
  • Artisan (Best painted army; as judged by myself) – Blake
  • Rampager (First person to unlock all rampages, or first to win the most) – Andrew

Blake received his Artisan pin yesterday, but the rest of the awards will be presented this Wednesday at Rooks.

Many thanks to Mike, Jason, Jamal, Charles, Chuck, Mat, Joey, Blake, and Andrew for a day of battlegroup-based mayhem!


2 responses to “Summer Rampage Results

  1. I have to give mad props to Andrew for getting all those rampages. Those were not an easy thing to get at all and he did them in record time. Tag team was the one i liked the best and had the hardest time getting!

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