Don’t be that guy: Movement edition

I think we’ve all seen it before: the unit-of-ranged-troops-that-may-or-may-not-be-in-range-but-looks-like-they-are-moving-an-extra-half-inch-to-get-there maneuver. You can clearly see the 6″ mark on their ruler, but you can also clearly see that they are using that more as a guideline than an actual hard an fast limit. And for every ranged attack it puts their chances that much higher of their last ditch assassination attempt. What do you do?

I’m sure that all of us would like to think we don’t fudge movement. Well… at least certainly not half an inch! How about an 1/8″? A 1/16″. Which brings me to the second technique of movement that usually ends up broken – the multi-measure movement. Breaking up your movement into one or two inch increments has a lot of advantages. Since you can always measure your melee range it will allow you to make sure that you don’t take a free strikes from models with the same melee range as you. You can also ensure that you stay in command/control. But it’s a big culprit for adding an extra inch onto movement.

I’ll be generous here and assume you’re pretty precise in your measurements and only add 1/16″ distance your measure. If you’re breaking a 16″ run into 1″ segments that’s going to add another whole inch of movement! Even if you do 2″ increments that’s an extra 1/2″! And you thought the ranged guy from above was bad!

Notice that this extra movement usually only applies to normal movement and running – anything that requires you to run in a straight line and be a certain distance away from an enemy model is usually measured much more precisely.

This is usually the point where I would proclaim that I, meatkat, will abstain from such behavior and think you should too. Unfortunately I really can’t think of a good enforcement mechanism that doesn’t take forever and that doesn’t lose competitiveness by sticking to your guns.

So I’m left about where I started, frustrated by the status quo but without a clue how to solve for it. Are there any solutions that you’ve seen work for this type of thing? Are you the one in a million that actually purposefully moves under the limit as you see it? Are you willing to lose that extra x” of movement are really stick to measuring exactly? Do I just need to accept this buff to normal movement/running?


2 responses to “Don’t be that guy: Movement edition

  1. The problem is that the small, incremental movements are necessary when you are maneuvering through an army. If you have things that have to move around other models to get where they need to be, you have to move them around that way. It can be hard to do any other way. I have used melee gauges when the movements is absolutely important, to get the 1″ and 2″ movements.

  2. As manatee said. Sometimes that segmented movement is just how it has to go. Though most the time i try not to have to move my max distance. Or once i find the max i mark it with the end of my spray template held down so i dont move passed it

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