Tips and Tricks for the New Warmachine & Hordes Player: Painting Edition 3

This week I began painting my Satyxis Raiders.  They are a tiny little unit with lots of flesh.  As I have only painted Cryx, a lot of flesh is going to be a new challenge so I felt I would document my progress with photos as I learn.

Painting Order

  1. Primer White
  2. Paint all the flesh on the model Midlund Flesh
  3. Using Flesh Wash I accented all the deeper areas of the model and where it met clothing or hair
  4. I mixed Ryn Flesh into the Midlund flesh, in greater and greater amounts and painted in harsh transitions

Painting the Face of the Satyxis Raider

Priming white was something new I thought I would try.   All of my other models have been primed black.   I think it will make the model look more natural, but we will see.

The Flesh Wash was much darker than I thought it would be. I think next time I will dilute it a bit with water.

The transitions between color types are very start when looking close at the model.  I will be going back next week to blend the layers and smooth out the painting.  It doesn’t seem like this was a lot of painting but I took at least an hour per layer to dry everything.  For the first time I don’t have finger prints in my model.

Next week will be smoothing, eyes, blush, lips and I will begin on the hair.  I will post the difference in the models as they get painted.


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