Bozeman Survey Results 1 – Factions, Points and Competitive Play (Oh My!)

I want to say a big Thank You to everyone in Bozeman who participated in the survey we did.  We got a LOT of great responses.  19 of you responded – that is just over a third of the known Bozeman players.  Thank you very much for that!

We have been going through the results of the survey.  I will say this – if you have a larger group of players in your area (say, 10 or more), taking a quick survey is a good way to get some good information from them.  There were a lot of things said that I had never thought of, and the numbers were pretty interesting related to the types of events that we run.

I thought I would go through some of the results here, and talk about what I think they mean for us as a community.

A Quick Note on Methods

I want to note that neither smash nor I took the survey.  As we co-wrote the survey, we both thought it would be misleading and would potentially skew the results in a direction we wouldn’t have liked.  That said – join us in this journey through statistics!

Point Size

Point Size ResultsThis one was really interesting.  We asked people what their favorite point sizes were to play, and the answers (predictably) centered around 50 points.  You can see that a sizable number prefer 35 points, while most people prefer 50 point games.  We also had a few at 75 points.  While not hugely surprising as a result, I think that this shows our community leans towards larger games.  It will be interesting to see if the preferences for point sizes change as time goes on.

I think if I ask a question around this in the future, I will ask people to rate different point levels instead of just having to “pick one.”  That would probably give us a better idea as to what the majority of people actually like.

Faction Breakdown

All of the FactionsThis was another interesting question to ask.  I knew we had a large spread on the factions being played in our local meta, but I wasn’t aware of how healthy it was.  Remember  that this is only about two thirds of the players in Bozeman who responded to this survey.

That said, the number of Khador players is not surprising in the slightest to me.  We have always had a glut of Khador locally for some reason.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

What was surprising was that we had at least one player in every faction, including the different Mercenary contracts and Minions pacts.  This also shows something that everyone has known locally for some time – we are short on Skorne players.  The number is up by 1, because I was not counted, but Skorne is still not very well represented as a faction.  I know I don’t often play against them, even when I am playing my Protectorate.

The other cool thing is that, while there are some outliers represented, there is a pretty even spread amongst all the different factions.  I should also note that we asked players to mark every faction they played, which might be some of the skew we are seeing on Khador and Cygnar.  We have a lot of players who play multiple factions, and those two are often in the list.

Competitive Events

There were two questions we asked that related to national events here in the States.  The results were somewhat illuminating

Likelihood of attempting to attend a major PiP event in the next year

Convention AttendanceThis was a really exciting result to see.  higher numbers mean more likely – we had 11 people in the “Very likely” or “Likely” categories.  I think we will need to set up a caravan route to Lock & Load next year!  We already have 6 people who have committed to going, and several others who have expressed interest.  If we have 11 people from Bozeman, MT at Lock & Load, I think we deserve some kind of medal.  We are in the middle of nowhere – literally – and to have that many people looking to trek out to Seattle for a convention is very cool and exciting.

Interest in Preparing for Competitive Play

Another very exciting result.  17 (!) people expressed interest in preparing for competitive play.  With this in mind, smash and I are discussing some options related to this, including workshops, faction teachings, etc.  Stay tuned – more will be coming related to all of this.  I hope everyone is ready!  I know I am really excited for this to happen.

Next Time: More Statistics!

There are some more elements to discuss.  Next up I will discuss the results we got related to the Journeyman and “Standard” Privateer Press leagues.  Some interesting and surprising results.


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