Tips and Tricks for the New Warmachine & Hordes Player: Journeyman Recap

We finished up the Journeyman League this week.  In the past I have talked about the stuff I have learned as I progress through the game.  I thought it might be nice to hear from other sources.  We had a total of 27 people signed up for the league.  While I didn’t get a chance to talk with everyone about their experiences I was able to get a list of things that people took away from the tournament.  Some of them are good tips, some of them are funny but what I took away from it was that everyone really seemed to enjoy the league and it was in general a very positive experience.

Quotes from contestants in the journeyman league.

  • Play against experienced players will help you learn faster than playing against new players.
  • Even if you have to borrow friends models try playing a new army.
  • I was forced to play models that I had ignored until now. (when asked if they would use some of them now that the league was over, the answer was yes about Kaya)
  • Carver is the best Pig Warlock.  Mobility and Batten Down the Hatches is awesome
  • Bring glue to the shop when you play otherwise your models WILL fall apart when you don’t have it
  • Invictors are better than I thought.  It was nice to have a unit that could do melee and ranged pretty well.
  • Don’t take distances for granted.  If you miss judge a shot by 1/8″ it still misses.
  • Butcher sucks when you roll ones.
  • Don’t forget to bring your tape measure or you end up with 15 at home.
  • Phantom seeker doesn’t ignore elevation.  Sprays also don’t ignore elevation.  Your opponent still gets the +2 bonus.
  • I miss the choir (this was one of my favorite quotes from a Protectorate player who did Ret for the league)
  • It is really hard knowing when the right time to be aggressive is.
  • Agree on the rules before you roll
  • Kaelyssa can be very good for killing solos.

Again it was a great league and has left people more exited for the next event.  We have two events already scheduled, the Bodger Bowl and the Privateer Press Dark Secrets League.  I learned a lot and it seems like everyone from new to highly experienced players took something away from it.  I will just have to figure out what new faction I will try!


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