Dark Secrets League

So after our recent local survey, we have decide to do the next Privateer Press league: Dark Secrets.  I for one, am pretty excited by some of the changes Privateer Press made this time, especially their decision to return to using map bonuses in the league.  Here are all the links you will need to read up for this event:

There are some pretty cool league models this time around, including Tartarus as a unit attachment, drunken monks, and choir-esque bone grinders.  There are also some interesting scenarios this time around; I am pretty excited to try both Bloody Hell and Tunnel Terror.

Keep in mind that in our local shop, we are making some rules alterations to help more players enjoy this league:

  1. League players may count games played against non-league players as league games, as long as they follow the league rules during the game.
  2. Players may choose to field a league model, or the base model it replaces, in league games.  For example, a player may choose to field units of Doom Reavers or ‘Dravya Prison Work Detail’ in a game, but not both.  That decision must be revealed to the player’s opponent before deployment begins.
  3. The league entry fee will be $10.

I hope to see everyone join us for the last Privateer Press league of the year!


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