Polling Places

No, this is not about the current election cycle.  We did a poll of our players this last week.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll!

While we are still analyzing the results, I wanted to say that the results have been very illuminating.  We will be attempting to do 2 tournaments a month starting in October, and we will also be doing the upcoming Privateer Press league (Dark Secrets) in September.

The next Bodger Bowl will be in October.  More on the September events tomorrow from smash.

If you have a large enough group (say, larger than 5 people), I would strongly recommend doing a quick poll.  The information is interesting, and it gives your players a safe space to air problems that they may have noticed, or suggestions that they may have.

Next week, I should have a more in depth analysis of the results.  Sorry for the short post today, we are inundated by fires in the local area, which means no sleep for me!  :(


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