Journeyman Final Results

Well, six weeks went by fast, but our Summer 2012 Journeyman has come to a finish. Many great games were had, and lots of new painted models hit the tables. After all those games, only a lucky few could stand on top. Here are the final results of the league:

Overall Victory: Blake
Battle Master: Josh
Painting Master: Chris

Overall Results:

  1. Blake
  2. Chris
  3. Josh
  4. Jason
  5. Brian
  6. Kyle
  7. Seth
  8. Chuck
  9. Dan
  10. Perkins
  11. Aaron
  12. Miller
  13. Brent
  14. Jackie
  15. Ben
  16. Ryan
  17. Joey
  18. Burton
  19. Greg
  20. Bovard
  21. Jamal
  22. Mike
  23. Dawson
  24. Peter
  25. Carson
  26. Julie
  27. Dustin

My thanks go out to everyone who participated and made the league such a great event.  We really do have a terrific group of players here in Bozeman, and I was proud to run a successful Journeyman league with you all!


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