Journeyman Week 5 Standings

Here we go everybody; the last standings before prizes and awards next week!  This is the last time you will see where you are sitting, so get every game and brushstroke in that you can and get it all reported to me by midnight next Tuesday.  Then be sure to come down to Rooks next Wednesday for prizes and awards.  There will be prizes for the top finishers, but also some random drawings, so everyone has a chance to win something.
See you all then, and push on hard through the final week!

1. Blake
2. Josh
3. Jason
4. Chris
5. Chuck
6. Seth
7. Dan
8. Andrew P
9. Kyle
10. Brian
11. Brent
12. Jackie
13. Ryan
14. Ben
15. Andrew M
16. Greg
17. Aaron
18. Burton
19. Joey
20. Bovard
21. Jamal
22. Mike
23. Dawson
24. Peter
25. Carson
26. Julie
27. Dustin


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