Terminus Pain

A quickie today, as there is a lot on my plate.

Sunday, I played against Meatkat in the local Steamroller at the final table.  It was a solid game, and he played really well.  I was out of practice on timed turns, and it showed (I got flustered on time more than once that day).

Also, I hate playing against Terminus spam.  Really hate it.  It is a solid list, and I have to deal with it, but the three warlocks I have painted for Skorne are not up to the job of dealing with it.  I have come to the realization I need to finish up my Zaal, and get the Ancestral Guardians painted up for some really fun times against Terminus.  *sigh*  Back to the grindstone with painting.  :)

That said, the tournament was a blast, and all of my opponents gave fantastic games to me.  First one was against Squelch, and I won on scenario after I had to use all of my fury to transfer Kraye’s assassination run on Rasheth (and even then, he still almost won).  Second game was against a local Circle player who is new to MK II – played a lot in MK I, but was out of the game for a while.  That one went to time, and I won on 3rd tiebreaker (more points in scoring zones than he had).

I am really looking forward to our next tournament.  I should have a more substantive post tomorrow – probably something or other about a Warlock or other.  ;)  Stay tuned to this space for the scheduling of the next tournament.


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