Tips and Tricks for the New Warmachine & Hordes Player: Painting Edition 2

I go through phases of what interests me more in the game.  Some days it is strategy, some days it is painting.  This week I am lucky enough to have one of my painting tutors, Squelch, post his work!  I hope you enjoy his post Oooh Shiny Models.  There is nothing you can’t do as you work on your technique over the years.  For my post I have included a few modeling tips I learned this week.

Find the right viscosity glue.  I have found I like the medium viscosity glue the best.  Thin gets all over my models, hands, walls, cat you name it, without even trying.  I have problems some days getting the thick glue out of the bottle.  Also get an old sock with holes in it and use it to wipe off the tip of the glue each time before you reseal it.  This helps prevent the bottle from sealing itself shut on you.

Green Stuff
There are two different kinds of green stuff I use.   The first is the standard package at the hobby store.  You mix the yellow and the blue putty together and place it into any gaps in your model or use it to create new effects on your model.  The second stuff I just found was from Games Workshop.  They have released a liquid greenstuff in a bottle.  It is much thinner than the putty stuff.  I find it works best for those thin lines where it can be hard to get the putty in place.  I have also used it to smooth down model bases for painting.  It can be applied with a sculpting tool or even a paint brush.

Glue Spills
For the inevitable glue spills at your house, be sure to have a bottle of acetone handy.  Go to the nail polish isle and you can find bottles of pure acetone.  It works on more than just cleaning your models.  I found this week if you spill glue on your pants, you can use an old toothbrush and some acetone and get your clothing back, just work at it slowly and a few applications you will have your clothing back.  We also found what we thought was a kitty accident on the couch side.  Turns out it was Thrall Flesh paint that had tipped over when modeling and watching TV.  We had missed the spot, but even after some time, the acetone still works to take the paint off.

Thanks again for joining me.  Check out Squelch’s post, his work in Oooh Shiny Models really has me pumped to improve my work!

-Cheers Viveka


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