Oooh Shiney Models!!

So for some of my next few posts I thought I would do a blog version of a ‘how to’ at some of the painting techniques i use.  I get asked frequently at our local store how I paint some of my models, so I thought I would put my answers somewhere everyone could see.  I have been painting models now for about sixteen years, with a six year hiatus in the middle of that.  I have painted models from both Warhammer games, various role playing game miniatures and now Warmahordes models.  My approach to painting is to make it look the best I can without taking forever on one model.  My hope is to show people some tricks to be able to move from the level of beginning hobbyist, to moderately skilled hobbyist.  For now here is a collection of pictures of various models i have recently painted.

I hope you enjoy a look at some of my recent Warmachines work!


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