Flog the Deceased Equestrian

I had the opportunity to use War Room this last week in a couple of my games. Here are my thoughts. May they contribute to the conversation.

Card Library

Along with the rules reference, makes the whole app worth it. Having a copy of all your opponents cards right in your hands the whole game long is invaluable for anyone who hasn’t memorized the majority of WM/H cards. I just wish it wasn’t so slow/didn’t have such a shitty interface.


  • No validation/support for theme lists
  • No syncing lists across devices
  • No folders
  • Why did we have to discontinue iBodger for this steaming pile of shit?
  • The only thing is has going for it is that you can connect to the Card Library and Reference.


The other great feature of War Room. Most definitely worth buying a deck to get alphabetical 2-touch access to all the rules. I just wish it wasn’t so slow/didn’t have such a shitty interface.


Doesn’t seem to understand basic set theory.


How it used to be:

If you bought the models and gear,

and your friend bought the models and gaming gear,

you could play WM/H!

With War Room:

If you bought the models and gear,

and your friend bought the models and gaming gear,

and you both bought a supported device,

and both those devices have 2+ hours of battery life,

and both of you have bought the correct decks,

and both of your devices can connect the PiP servers,

and you’re able to host and set up a game,

and you both want to be awkwardly staring at your device refreshing cards to make sure the damage has been marked correctly instead of playing,

you can play WM/H!


What is War Room, Really?

PiP has got with the modern world and has ported all of their rules/cards to digital world.  For less than the price of the core rule book and a faction rule book you get the rule content of the core rules, every faction rule book and every update rule book, forever*. That is sexy**.

Anything anyone else tells you is lies. PiP might actually have believed that this app would be more. Tinkerhouse might have actually believed they could deliver more. If they still believe so it is sad. If they really want the community to be able to make use of this wealth of information they’ve opened up to us create an API for authenticating and accessing the purchased information and let the community develop the solution. It’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper than paying Failhouse while they flounder for the next 2 years trying in vain to fix the steamy pile of shit they have created and the community will get something that lives up to the promise of War Room. Win/win/win. Please do this***.

* Or so we’ve been led to believe.

** As long as the app actually works on your device.

*** No but really.


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