Journeyman Week 3 Standings

Well, our faithful players have had their final weeks tied to those original battle box casters and locks.  Now is the time to stretch the field out and see what new commanders take the field.  The standings are spreading out, with the painters in the group taking noticeable leads over the pewter princes.  Here are the standings going into week 4:

  1. Blake
  2. Jason
  3. Jackie
  4. Brian
  5. Chris
  6. Kyle
  7. Dan
  8. Josh
  9. Andrew P
  10. Ryan
  11. Chuck
  12. Brent
  13. Ben
  14. Seth
  15. Aaron
  16. Burton
  17. Greg
  18. Jamal
  19. Bovard
  20. Mike
  21. Carson
  22. Joey
  23. Dawson
  24. Peter
  25. Andrew
  26. Dustin
  27. Julie

Let’s get painting everybody; it is going to determine so much.  Good luck to everybody going into the second half of the league!


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