Journeyman Week 1 Standings

After one week of action, the first standings have been calculated. Here are the results thus far:

  1. Blake
  2. Jason
  3. Kyle
  4. Bovard
  5. Dan
  6. Josh
  7. Ryan
  8. Andrew P
  9. Brian
  10. Chris
  11. Jamal
  12. Seth
  13. Jackie
  14. Peter
  15. Aaron
  16. Brent
  17. Ben
  18. Burton
  19. Chuck
  20. Dustin
  21. Carson
  22. Mike
  23. Joey
  24. Andrew M
  25. Dawson
  26. Greg

At this early stage, there are quite a few ties in there, but that should shake out soon. I also want to state that painting is going to be huge in determining the final standings. So get the brushes out, ladies and gentlemen!

Remember to email me your games if you play when I am not at the shop.

Play like you’ve got a pair!


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