More New Authors

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to take a quick minute to point out how the roster here at Sustained Attack is growing.

  • Very recently we added meatkat, who has taken to providing his Monday Morning Battle Report most mondays, with an in-depth look at his recent Cryx games.  Meatkat is also a math guy, and so it has been nice to have him around to bring more of a mathematical perspective to the game, specifically with regards to dice.
  • Yesterday marked the first post from Viveka, who is our newest player.  We are really excited to get posts from a brand-new player while she learns the game from the ground up.  I know I found the learning curve quite steep, so her thoughts should be intriguing; although I know she is going to learn the game quite fast.
  • Finally, we just added another friend of ours, Squelch, who should be providing his initial post any day now.  It is pretty exciting for us to have grown into 5 authors already, and it should keep the fresh content going.  Feel free to let us know what you think!



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