Tips and Tricks for the New Warmachine & Hordes Player

This blog will be more a rambling of thoughts and things I have learned as I start playing Warmachine.  Most of it will be lessons I learned the hard way, so you don’t have to!

Lesson 1:  Play Your First Games Against People with Painted Models

Why do this?  When I sat down to my first few games this week, I was understandably overwhelmed.  The rules set (while logical) is intimidating.  When your opponent has their models painted, you can spend a lot less time trying to remember what that blob of silver against you is and more time thinking “ohh, I should get Crippling Grasp (Denegra’s awesome lockdown spell)  up on the big red guy with the axe, rather than the red guy with the gun.”

Lesson 2:  After Your First Teaching Game, Don’t Let your Opponents Be Nice and Allow You To Take Things Back… Ever

My first two games were teaching games.  I learned the basics of the game and a little about my Cryx army.  The guys in my meta are awesome and more than willing to help me out when I have questions.  That being said, I have learned so much more by accidentally moving my caster within AOE range of a Defiler (Shooty Bone Chicken), poor paper Deneghra.

After having a slap fight with a Circle buddy, I will never forget I get to roll pow PLUS strength instead of just pow.

Cryx in general is fast, but not as fast as Sorscha’s little dodgy butt, so it may be easier to kill with spells vs. getting your Slayer in to eat her.

Lesson 3:  Always Paint your Front Arc and Put a Unique Identifier on the Back of Each Base.

The first part of lesson three was learned by turning the back of my Slayer to Getorix and Gorax.  I will leave out the gory details, but my Slayer was walking bow legged for days.

The second part comes from a Legion game I played.  I thought I was being really smart running my Deathripper (Melee bone chicken) up to tie up their big guy(Carnivean?) since I failed to get Crippling Grasp up on him.  The issue was, I realized from the back the Defiler(Shooty Bone Chicken) looks just like the Deathripper.  I ran the wrong guy up and he was scrapped pretty quickly.  So make sure you have a marker of some kind on the back of your base.  It will also help you remember which card belongs to which jack.

Well that ends this week’s installment.  I have washed my Necrotech and Scrap Thrall and they are sunning themselves on the porch to dry so my primer will go on nice, thin, and clean.  Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from all of you with questions and comments!

~Cheers Viveka


3 responses to “Tips and Tricks for the New Warmachine & Hordes Player

  1. Great points, I think the Painted Models one is a great point – it is also means that people who want to help bring new people in should have painted models!

  2. I don’t think it is something experienced players think about after a while because people do become used to the models. I also play faster against people with painted models. The time I would use in identifying and remembering a models abilities, can be used instead for figuring out my strategy.

    I wonder if 50pt+ games go faster when both sides are fully painted? I don’t even know how one would test that.

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