Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 11: Mercs and Minions

Mercs and Minions were addressed together, so I will be posting them together.  As always, this is in a notes-like format.

  • Good time to be a mercenary
    • Lots of money to be made
    • Unless you care about a particular side
  • Llaelese resistance not too happy about the Protectorate anymore
    • Damiano has come to the aid of the resistance
    • What started as a skirmish with the Protectorate, Terminus crashed the party instead
  • Magnus has been busy making a new army with his new Protege, Julius
    • Julius looks similar to a certain deposed emperor
    • He is apparently very good with a sword
    • Rumor has it Magnus may be linking up with Montador?
  • Blindwater Congregation led by Barnabus
    • Not all the Gators agree with him
    • Those that don’t will die or join up
    • There will be a lot of bloodshed coming, but don’t worry – it will all be for Barnabus’ gain
  • Thornfall alliance is still led by Carver
    • I don’t have a lot of notes on this – not sure if there was much said

And that is it – that is all of them.  Again, I really enjoyed the talks, and hope I can see more of Seacat next year.


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