Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 10: Legion of Everblight

Today we talk about the upstart dragon Everblight and his followers.  As always, this is in a notes-like format.

  • Legion has been on the run since the beginning
  • Everblight’s enemies are eager to stop them
    • Most of them are looking for a dragon, not for the warlocks
    • Makes it easier to hide in plain sight
  • Pretty much have recovered from the Castle of the Keys events
  • Other dragons have taken serious issue with this
    • Blighterghast was talking about the attack on the Castle
    • Apparently Pyromalfic was part of some alliance against Toruk?
  • Lyllith spotted the Athanc Venethrax was transporting
  • Toruk is Lazy – he could have finished this off long ago if he wanted.

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