Painting Pictures: Karchev

So, in order to get some painting picture up on this first weekend, I decided to put up some pictures of the Karchev I recently did to enter in the Lock & Load painting competition.  Two caveats:

  1. I didn’t expect to win; I enjoy painting and I wanted to try and put something together I could be proud of, regardless
  2. I am still figuring out how to take miniature pictures, so these are a work in progress

I had a great time doing this model.  Warjacks are always fun, and Karchev brought and extra dimension to the miniature; how awesome is a man entombed in a warjack?  It probably took me somewhere in the 6-8 hour neighborhood, and then another hour or so for the base work.  So, here he is.  Comments and criticism is welcome!


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