My Collection

We here as Sustained Attack decided that weekends would be good days for painting-related posts.  I thought that before I start photographing individual models, I would put up a picture of my entire collection in my painting room.  Okay, so it isn’t a ‘room’; more like a closet.  But, I am still pretty lucky to have a dedicated space for my minis and to paint.  So here we are:

Three shelves for three factions.  This will work right up until I decide I need a fourth.  On the top shelf we have my Cryx, and get top billings since the entire army (except for a metal Skarre and an in-progress Nightmare) are all painted.  Below that is my painted Khador, which pretty much fills the shelf, and below that are my newest faction (and largely unpainted yet), Legion.  Breaking down everything in there:

  • 217 pts of Khador (probably around 80% painted)
  • 165 pts of Cryx (almost all painted)
  • 152 pts of Legion (just getting started here, maybe 40 pts & 5 Warlocks painted)
  • 33 pts in Mercs (50/50)

Considering I play three factions, I am pretty happy with how well I have kept up with painting.  Last year’s journeyman really helped me keep on the Cryx I was playing then.  Hopefully the next slow growth we do in a few weeks will get me moving on that Legion!  Now that you’ve seen my models and where I work, next time we will get into some pictures of my favorite work in each faction so far.  Thanks for looking!


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