Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 6: Retribution of Scyrah

Next up on the State of the Factions Address, we have the angry elves of the Retribution.  As always, these are in a notes-like format.

  • Ios is undergoing lots of changes
  • The Retribution is taking off
  • Humans are clearly bad – I mean, they had Nyssor
  • Operation Winter’s Hammer
    • Some gains, some losses
    • Successfully attacked Grey Lord facility
    • Nyssor did get away but his existence was confirmed
    • Goreshade was involved
  • House Vyre came in, guns blazing
    • Miraculously found Nyssor
    • Took out Skirov Garrison
      • Ossyan may have been impaled?
    • Got Nyssor

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