Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 5: Cryx

Continuing our State of the Factions Address coverage, the Nightmare Empire of Cryx is next on the docket.  As always, these are in a notes-like format.

  • Good time to be Cryx!
  • Centuries long plans are now coming to fruition
    • They are moving at an accelerated pace
  • Venethrax is looking for dragons
    • He might have found an Athanc
    • Many forces trying to stop him, but unlikely to stop him
  • Asphyxious has been busy
    • Some prior controversies are water under the bridge
    • He might have tried to become a god or something?  But I am sure he is a team player now
    • Terminus is not convinced, but he is just skeptical all the time
    • Factories beneath Thornwood are churning out thralls
  • Liche Lord Morbus was lost in the Thornwood
    • Mysterious circumstances
    • He was old, and hadn’t really been in a fight in a while
  • Goreshade has been enigmatic recently, but he does make some good banes, and I am sure he is on our side

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