Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 4: Khador

We continue with our State of the Factions Address by looking at the motherland, Khador.  Like the others, this is in a notes-like format.

  • Lots of victories
  • Some growing pains with the new land
  • Some new headaches with the land
  • The troops are in fighting trim
  • Secured Western Llael
    • Lots of Blasting Powder
    • Merrywynn has become a huge manufactory
    • Generally a win, even if “we have to completely vacate, it would still be a win”
    • Vlad has shown interest in protecting Umbrey
  • Thornwood problems
    • More undead than expected
    • Need some better roads
  • Irusk: The worse the situation he is in, the better
    • Pulled off Point Bourne attack
    • Irusk is holed up, but he is just preparing for his next move
  • Some elves attacked inside Khador – not sure how they got in there, but it is probably a freak incident
  • Oh yeah – Karchev is missing.  He is old though – he probably just got lost.  That is what old people do from time to time.

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