Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 3: Protectorate of Menoth

Continuing on with the State of the Factions Address notes, we will be talking about the Protectorate of Menoth today.  As usual, these are in “notes like” format.

  • This have been good
  • We did lose Voyle in Caspia
    • But he murdered a LOT of Cygnarans along the way
  • Sul had been invaded for over a year
    • Regaining Sul was of utmost importance
    • The walls have been rebuilt and refortified
  • Severius is the new hierarch
    • Leading the Northern Crusade
    • Took over Leryn by talking to some Grey Lords
  • Northern Crusades are for a reason
    • Harbinger in the field will help bring the faith to as many as possible, as well as bring those of the old faith back home
    • Resources are plentiful, something the Protectorate generally lacks
    • Lots of Menites who do not worship as the Protectorate does – and this needs to be corrected!
  • Feora has been doing some … questionable things in the South
    • Vindictus is heading to talk to her, and I am sure everything will be just fine

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