Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 2: Cygnar

We will start our State of the Factions Address with Cygnar.  Remember, these are in “notes-like” format.

  • Been a tough couple of years for Cygnar
  • The War in Llael “Didn’t go so well”
    • It was mostly a one-sided relationship though
    • The Llaelese resistance has been a pain in Khador’s side
    • Cygnar is really better off without them
  • Loss of the Thornwood
    • Khador got lots of headaches from it
    • Cygnar’s frontline is now easily accessible from anywhere in the empire – we can now quickly redeploy troops as necessary
    • Khador gained some lumber, but that was it
  • Point Bourne was lost maybe?
    • Cryx was noticed in the area
    • There is currently a travel ban on the Point Bourne area
  • War front in the North
    • Nice change to be focused on only one threat at a time
    • That should help the Cygnaran military rebuild
    • Cease fire with the Protectorate has helped as well
  • And hey – things can only get better, right?

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