Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 1: Introduction

The State of the Faction Address was the last seminar I went to, and in my opinion the best.  Seacat went through every faction, speaking as if he were talking TO that faction as a member of the faction.  I really appreciated his wit, and his candor with it.  He also did his best to act like he was that faction, playing down some things that were not great, or trying to put a good spin on them.

I took tons of notes during this – I probably spent the entire time just writing.  Since I have about a page per faction, I figured I would break from my “every other weekday” schedule and post a faction per week day, starting on Monday the 25th.  So, expect a new post every day while I bang through the factions.  See you on Monday.


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