Lock and Load: Seminars “Cosmology of the Iron Kingdoms” Part 3: Ur-Caen

Ur-Caen is NOT a nice place.  The moment a soul enters it, they are set upon by beasts – unless you follow a particular religion that protects their people’s souls.

The Menites believe that their afterlife they will be serving Menoth.  They will be following him, and they will have a place to work in the afterlife in Menoth’s war against the Wurm.

The Void is not well understood.  It is described as the “gutter between Caen and Ur-Caen.”  Horrific in different ways to Ur-Caen – causes insanity.  It is unknown if this is the same as the Skorne void or not.

All in all, this was another phenomenal seminar put on by Seacat.  I really appreciated his willingness to answer questions, and his humor during the seminar.  Next, I will discuss the final seminar I attended, the “State of the Factions” address.


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