Not My Work, But Awesome

Before you assume it was my handiwork below, let me just say that these two jacks are the work of my children, a 7 year old girl and a 4 year old boy.  I will leave it to you to guess which kid painted which jack.  Painting these models was one of the many things we did for Father’s Day this year, and I had a blast.  I will happily field both models, for what they lack in outright artistic skill they make up for with heaps of heart and imagination.  The pink and purple one on the left was dubbed ‘Polka Dot’, while the one on the right was honorably named ‘Robot Wrecker’.

Perhaps the most creative bit of genius came up when I asked the kids how they wanted to base them.  While my daughter opted for simple bushes around Polka Dot, my son said ‘Wrecker needs pieces of other robots around him, since he wrecks them!’.  So, the idea to sprinkle the wreckage of Cryxian technology came straight from a 4 year old.

Yes, that’s my boy!


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