Lock and Load: Seminars “Cosmology of the Iron Kingdoms” Part 1: Primal Gods

The Cosmology seminar was extremely interesting, and I took copious notes during it. Again, Seacat was an engaging speaker, peppering his talk with jokes and interesting perspectives throughout, all while trying to give a good idea of how the different religions and Goddesses/Gods interacted and thought of each other.

With that in mind, here are my notes from this particular seminar.

  • The primal gods are the core, or ancient, gods
  • Menoth
    • Created mankind, or at least gave them technology and walls, and started them on the path of “civilization”
    • He gave mankind walls, fire, agriculture, writing and the True Law
    • Some think that Menoth was actually created by Dhunia to fight against the Devourer Wurm.
    • Menoth thought that humans could be useful in the war in Ur-Caen, and that was why he started working for their souls
    • Modern Menites, especially in the Protectorate, have “reinterpreted” some of the True Law
      • They have effectively merged the priest caste and the ruling caste
      • Scrutators have become more powerful, as originally they were effectively the town executioner
  • Devourer Wurm
    • This is the representation of nature – chaos born from the chaos
    • Represents the dangerous aspects of nature
    • Orboros is the Wurm’s body, in the form of Caen.
    • It is likely that the nasty beasts in Ur-Caen are actually the embodiment of the Wurm
    • The Tharn believe they will be reborn in Ur-Caen after death as one of the Wurm’s beasts
  • Dhunia
    • Primal goddess
    • She is “subtle” in her affects – she rarely manifests
    • Often represents fertility
    • Most worshippers believe she is Caen
    • Much of reality was established through the blending of Dhunia and the Wurm
  • Toruk
    • While not a Primal God per se (although it is unknown), he is more of a primal source
    • No one really knows where he comes from
    • One person asked if Dragons could be Infernals – apparently, this has not been investigated by the Theologians of the Iron Kingdoms
    • It does not seem that Athancs can be destroyed

For my next post, I will focus on the other races, specifically the Elves and the Dwarves.


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