SpeedMachine Breakdown

Hey all, ‘smash here again to revisit my SpeedMachine games from Lock & Load. As I stated before, SpeedMachine was 6 rounds instead of the expected 5, and participants were only required to bring 1 list, although a 2nd list was permitted. So, once again, here is what I ran:

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight

  • Angelius
  • Scythean
  • Seraph
  • Shredder
  • Harrier

Vayl, Consul of Everblight

  • Angelius
  • Ravagore
  • Scythean
  • Shredder

ROUND 1 – Circle Orboros

My opponent in this round was a very nice guy, although he had never played a timed round in his life (his words). He was packing a single list; Kromac with Ghetorix, a Feral, a Gorax, and I don’t remember what else. I chose Saeryn, as the immunity to melee attacks seemed particularly pointed against this pack of melee beasts. The game was quite quick, with him going first and running up, warping for ARM, etc. On my first turn I ran everything straight ahead and feated; knowing that he wouldn’t be able to do much. And in fact, he just shuffled around waiting for the feat turn to end – repositioning and warping for ARM again. On my 2nd turn, the Scythean was able to move around to get Kromac in range, and put a few hits into him, most of them getting transferred. Next the Angelius threw down his AP attack, which Kromac had to take for decent damage. The harrier charged, after using it’s animus, but failed to drop Kromac. In the end, Saeryn could walk up just close enough to drop a blight bringer on the Scythean, and the boosted damage finished Kromac off. It was good to start strong, 1-0.  Check out my other matches after the fold:

ROUND 2 – Cryx

My opponent in this round was rocking Goreshade, a Kraken, and Deathjack. I decided to try the assassination with Vayl, so I took my 2nd list. He said he had run into her a lot, and seemed to know what I was going to do before I did it. The first turn was pretty standard – mostly running for him (he went first), and I put refuge on the Angelius, Occultation on Vayl, and Admonition on the Scythean. Everything shuffled up the board, and the Ravagore missed his shot but put fire on Goreshade. On my opponents next turn, he feated to put 6 Bane Thralls into play. They charged the Scythean, but after the 2nd one moved, I kicked Admonition in and saved him. I think my opponent was gambling on how many thralls could charge before I’d move (hoping either way to get 1 or 2 hits in), but I had enough movement to get out of harm’s way.  The Kraken charged the Scythean and did some damage to him and the ravagore, but not enough to knock them out. On my next turn, the Scythean moved around the banes and Deathjack to get LOS on Goreshade, Vayl then feated, shot him in the back, and threw two boosted Obliterations on the Cryx caster to finish him off. Woot 2-0.

ROUND 3 – Circle Orboros
Another damn Circle list! This guy was also running Kromac, but he chose to field this instead: eKaya, Warpwolf Stalker, Laris, Feral Warpwolf, and a Pureblood Warpwolf. Since it was another melee heavy Hordes list, I opted for Saeyn again. The game went much as the first Circle game did, with me having to feat to protect my beasts as they barreled into his trio of warp wolves. I managed to take down one wolf this turn (Honesty I cannot remember which one). His response to my feat turn was to counter feat, run Laris, teleport Kaya, and shift the whole army away. This required me to shift around and dangle a beast as bait, which he took. We traded some heavies, and in the end my Ravagore planted some damage on Kaya, which she didn’t transfer. The opportunity was there for Saeryn to move within range for a thrown dagger (which would have prevented transfers) and one offensive spell to finish her. Unfortunately, as I rolled my hit on my dagger, my clock ran out. Damnit, 2-1.

ROUND 4 – Cygnar
As soon as I saw my 4th opponent had epic Caine I just knew I was going to see him hit the table. I don’t have the best history with that guy. I think his other list was Kraye, but I don’t recall for sure. It didn’t matter, I got Caine. He also had a pair of hunters and Ole Rowdy. I can’t remember the last jack, but maybe it was a Defender. Since it was a Warmachine faction, I decided to go for the Epic Vayl killshot again. I went first and did the standard: Occultation on Vayl, Refuge on the Angelius, and Admonition on the beatstick. Caine and company pretty much ran, although Caine made sure to pop True Sight on himself. Vayl was clearly not going to be safe; I had to strike first. After a round of positioning and taking pot shots at each other, with the Ravagore missing and the hunters tearing arms off my beasts, I made my run. However, I made one fatal mistake.

I moved the Angelius around Rowdy to be the arc node, but as Vayl activated to shoot him, I was worried she might miss him since his def 14 is higher than the Scythean’s 11 (he is usually my favorite temporary arc node), so I boosted. In hindsight, I should have taken the shot on 2 dice and bought a second if I missed. Anyhow, I hit, feated, and threw one Obliteration at Caine (boosted hit and damage) and planted a good deal of damage on him. I paid for a second Obliteration, but I could only boost to hit (stupid Angelius). After the 2nd spell hit, Caine had one hit point left. Had I been able to boost the damage, he would have been done. It was a mistake that I won’t make again, and I still think I played the game well. Obviously, having survived; Caine ate my lunch on his next turn.  Oh well, 2-2.

ROUND 5 – Trollbloods

Once again, I can’t say for sure what my opponent’s 2nd list was.  However, I faced Gunnbjorn, a Bouncer, Earthborn, Bomber, and a Pyre troll.  This time, I decided to forgo my developing strategy of taking Saeryn against Hordes armies, and I ran Vayl again.  As Gunnbjorn kept putting the Pyre’s animus on himself (to stay safe from the Ravagore blasts), I had to think a bit differently.  For a turn, both myself and my opponent circled around the board, with him sending the Earthborn down the control point toward me.  I was so busy looking for an assassination run with Vayl, I almost missed turn 3 when Gunnbjorn stayed within 12 inches of my ever-encroaching Anglius.  True, that Earthborn was in the way, but I had some open fists on my Ravagore.  I think my opponent forgot the ranged beast had open fists, because he looked surprised when the Ravagore walked up the Earthborn and chucked him out of the way (the deviation was great).  Then the Angelius had an open shot at Gunnbjorn.  I boosted the to hit roll, hit, and was at dice -6 due to the armor piercing attack.  The damage roll came up triple sixes, well enough to force a tough roll from Gunnbjorn.  He didn’t make it.  And just like that, the match was over.  According to my opponent, he forgot the Angelius had reach (without which he couldn’t made it to Gunnbjorn).  Alright, back in the win column; 3-2.

ROUND 6 – Cygnar

My last opponent fielded Nemo, Thunderhead, Lancer, and I cannot recall what else. Thunderhead was all that was involved in this game.  This one was very short.  I wanted another Vayl assassination, so I chose her again.  He went first and ran forward full bore.  I walked the Ravagore up and took a pot shot; missing.  Standard upkeeps (including Admonition on the Sythean) went out and I passed the round onto him.  He ran the Lancer forward to engage the Scythean (I wasn’t sure why yet), and then pumped a ton of focus onto Thunderhead and walked forward, intending to capture Vayl in the auto hitting initial ranged attack.  However, he completely forgot about Admonition, and after his movement, the spell triggered and the Scythean walked upto Thunderhead, engaging him and removing the ranged threat against Vayl.  It turns out my opponent mistakenly thought Admonition worked like counter charge.  He thought engaging him with the Lancer removed the ability to trigger the spell, whcih was incorrect.  Thunderhead then beat up the Scythean (not killing him), and again it was turn.  I intended to use the Angelius as an arcnode, so I ran him again.  Then the ravagore moved up and through a boosted shot at Nemo (who was behind a wall).  Amazingly, I hit him, and the boosted damage roll was just enough to send Nemo to meet his maker.  Turn 2 assassination.  I finished 4-2.

Final Thoughts

SpeedMachine was a blast, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Having only played 5 practice games, I was happy with how I handled the 13 minute death clock.  More familiarity with my lists would only have helped bring my times down.  One of that most troublesome aspects of the tournament was the fact that the painting competition was going on at the same time (quite loudly), and hearing my opponent was difficult in almost every round.  I feel like both of my losses could have been easily mitigated, and weren’t utter failures on my part.  In my third game, just being able to play faster could have netted me a win.  And, had I played the numbers right instead of getting spooked, Caine would have been dead in game 4.  In the end, only those tiny mistakes kept me from 6-0.  So, I am already looking forward to Lock & Load SpeedMachine 2013!


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