Lock and Load – Seminars: “Life in the Iron Kingdoms” Part 3: Religion, Protectorate and Miscellaneous

In this series I am documenting the different seminars I attended at Lock and Load in a short-notes style format, with some commentary from myself at the end.  This is part 3 of the Life in the Iron Kingdoms seminar.  I will cover some basic religion, Protectorate information, and miscellaneous things that came up during the Q&A at the end of the seminar.  With that in mind, let’s get to it.

  • Dominant religion (outside of the Protectorate) is Morrowan
    • Khador has a significant minority of Menites
    • Protectorate is Menite as well, obviously
    • Heart of Morrowan religion is Caspia
    • Sanctium is the Morrowan “city” – i.e. think of the Vatican
  • Menoth is acknowledged as the human creator
    • Menite communities exist throughout the Iron Kingdoms, even in Cygnar
    • Protectorate Crusades have caused defections from Khador, causing some of the Morrowans there to mistrust their Menite neighbors
  • Dhunian faiths are generally accepted as legitimate
    • Generally practiced by Trollkin, Ogrun and Gobbers
    • Humanity tends to be OK with this
  • Protectorate economy is an artificial economy
    • Best way to advance in society is to serve the temple
    • This could be as a temple guard, or something similar
    • Farming is harder in the protectorate
    • Hard work is highly valued in the protectorate – definitely has a “work for a living” vibe
    • No rail line in the Protectorate as of this time
    • Resources coming in from the Llael crusades are helping the Protectorate economy
  • Nature aggresively regains land it lost to humans.  Whether this is purely because of Circle druids, or because the land is simply magical, is not really understood fully
  • The different militaries are set up very differently
    • Khador is kind of a conscription model
    • Cygnar and Ord are voluntary
    • Protectorate is a mass levvy
  • Ord is beginning to modernize their military
    • They are short on resources
    • Despite not being modern, they are well respected in the Iron Kingdoms for their military, from a defensive stand point
  • Khador is starting to replace nobility with bureaucracy

One interesting part was the constant reminder of how deadly the Iron Kingdoms is.  There are pureblood Trolls that want to eat you, ravenous magical beasts, slavers, intelligent gatormen who can use magic, etc.  That was really interesting to me to think about how that environment could change how the societies develop.

I want to say that I unequivocally enjoyed this seminar.  I was at rapt attention throughout it, and Seacat is an engaging speaker with a really easy flow of his words.  Thank you to Privateer Press, and to Doug Seacat, for putting this on.  I was absolutely thrilled to get a chance to listen in and get more insight into the fluff and world that I play in every week.  I cannot wait for the RPG!


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