Lock and Load – Seminars: “Life in the Iron Kingdoms” Part 2: Other Races

This is a continuation of my series about the Lock and Load seminars, and the notes I took during them.  This is part two of the “Life in the Iron Kingdoms” seminar.  These are written to be in a short note-taking style, with items that came up that I thought were interesting bulleted, and a quick summary of my thoughts at the end.

  • Trollkin
    • Humans aren’t too comfortable with them
    • Trollkin are better at collectivizing than Ogrun or Gobbers are
    • They tend to congregate together in sections of towns – i.e. “trolltown”
    • Generally become well spoken in the local language after living there for some time
  • Ogrun
    • Humans less comfortable with Ogrun than with Trollkin
    • They are seen as stupid and only there for muscle by most humans – something that is definitely not true in reality
    • They become well spoken after living around humans for a while, similar to Trollkin
  • Gobbers
    • Well adjusted to humanity and human lifestyle
    • Integrated well into cities, their technological expertise being highly valued
    • Viewed as less threatening than the Ogrun or the Trollkin, likely because of the tremendous size difference
  • Dwarves
    • Generally viewed as equals by most of humanity
    • Played a serious part in throwing off the Orgoth
    • There are Rhulic communities in the Iron Kingdoms that are considered to be Rhulic soil
  • Iosans
    • Not close to humans
    • Those humans who came close to their borders usually vanished
    • Have only become more insular since their (unknown to humans) civil war
    • With the retribution now out in the world in force, it remains to be seen how likely it is that humans will regard them with any neutrality
  • Nyss
    • Since the Everblight disaster, the Nyss have been on the run
    • They have been forced to integrate in with humanity, as they have no where else to go
    • Some have gone back to Ios, but it has been much closer to a diaspora

One question that came up during the panel was if there were any half-elves, despite the unlikelihood of that genetically.  Seacat mentioned that, while there were similarities between elves and humans genetically, that it was unlikely that there were many opportunities for half-elves to be created, and that most of the ones that would be would be still born.  He went on to say that there might be some in the Iron Kingdoms, but “there might be 3 of them.”  Pretty interesting stuff.

For the final installation of this series, I will look at the religious influences, some discussion about Protectorate specifically, and then any other thoughts or random questions that came up that just didn’t quite fit in the other recaps.  Stay tuned!


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