Lock and Load – Pronunciations

One of the cooler “little” things that came out of Lock and Load was hearing how Privateer Press employees pronounce different character names.  I found out I was pronouncing many of the names wrong.  I wrote down the ones I could at various times throughout the weekend, and I have decided to publish them here for posterity and to get corrections from the appropriate people.

These are in no particular order – I simply transcribed them in the order they appeared in my notes.  I am sure there are others that other people heard – feel free to enlighten all of us in the comments section!

Name Pronunciation
Orboros Or·bore·ose
Lacyir Laa·sear
Ossyris Oh·sigh·russ
Nyrro Nero
Nyssor Nigh·sore
Irusk errsk
Eiryss Air·iss
Sorscha Sore·shuh
Ossyan Oss·ee·an
Grissel Griss·ull
Cassius Cas·suss
Makeda Muh·key·duh
Hakar Ha·car
Hexeris Hex·air·iss
Pyromalfic Pie·row·mal·fick
Kallus Cal·us
Typhon Tie·fun

Edit: Crossed out Nyssor, as I am not certain on my memory of it, and others who were there are telling me I am wrong. So, the pronunciation there is what I think it is as I remember it, but Snuggly Buffalo (in the comments) very well could be correct


5 responses to “Lock and Load – Pronunciations

  1. Pretty sure Seacat pronounced Nyssor as “Niss-or.” I think you’re the only one I’ve ever heard pronounce it “Nigh-sore.”

    And now I’m giggling imagining models in the game being attacked by the “Nice Hunters.”

  2. I’m sad that Darragh – “Dah-rah” and Nuala “Noowl-ah” weren’t included – Both are Irish names and it drives me nuts when people say “Dah-Rag” and “Noo-ah-la”

    • Yeah; it would have taken Seacat quite a while to go through every name in the Iron Kingdoms. I do like your pronunciations better for both those names though. Interesting to hear they are Irish names.

    • Yeah, I didn’t notice either of those being said during any of the seminars. I just recorded the ones that struck me (or confirmed my suspicions on pronunciations). I really would love to have them include pronunciations for all of the names they make – even the ones that seem “obvious”

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