Bodger Bowl – Are your ready to rumble!?!?

Division finals are over, and it looks like it will be a Cryx vs. Trolls event.  Congratulations to both Seth and Colby, and congratulations to everyone who got as far as they did.  It was a tough lineup this time.

The finals will be played next Wednesday, the 13th, at Rook’s Comics and Games.  The table and scenario will be set up by 6:30, and both players will need to send me their lists ahead of time.  I am looking forward to a knockdown, drag out game everyone!

After the Bodger Bowl completes, we will do the random drawing for painting and participation prizes.  I have been very pleased to see the painting everyone has done – people have really gone all out to get as much done as possible.  Well done to everyone!


3 responses to “Bodger Bowl – Are your ready to rumble!?!?

  1. I’m am sooo excited for the finals. This whole tournament has been a great and fun experience and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. It was so awesome to see all the new players and I have to say the whole thing has been a huge success!

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