Lock & Load Post Mortem

We got back from Lock & Load yesterday, after three days of the most fun you can have in Warmachine and Hordes.  And while it went by extremely fast, it is hard to remember everything that I saw and did in those few days.  I played in two tournaments, and ended up doing fairly well in both.  In Speedmachine (which was changed from 5 rounds to 6) I finished 4-2.  Two of my fellow Bozeman players also finished 4-2, so I was pretty impressed with our showing there.  The three of us all finished in the top 15 out of 64 players, which isn’t too shabby, especially for our first tournament.

In the Three Commanders tournament we (The Bozeman Bodgers) ended up 2-1.  I didn’t play as well as I would have hoped, as I personally went 1-2, but our Lieutenant carried the day and gave us a winning record.  It was a ton of fun, and I would play with my two team mates again in a heart beat.  I plan on writing up individual articles on both events today or tomorrow to delve a bit into what I faced and how I handled it.  In the meantime though, here are some highlights of the weekend:

  • All told, I played 23 games.  9 in tournaments and 14 in the Iron Arena
  • In the final hours of Iron Arena play, I managed enough points to snag the last Extreme Carnivean they had as the top prize.
  • I was fortunate enough to play on the Corvis bridge scenario table from No Quarter.
  • I got to see in progress sculpts of the Archangel, Woldwrath, and the Judicator.
  • Seeing Privateer Press studio paint jobs in person makes the photographs look awful by comparison.
  • Studio painters put brushes in their mouth… a lot!
  • I pronounce many Iron Kingdom names wrong.  It was enlightening to listen to Doug Seacat and how he said everything.
  • Every Privateer Press employee that I met is extremely friendly and very approachable.
  • I saw some of the most fabulous paint jobs I could imagine.  None more so than a tier 4 Mortenebra list that was painted to perfection.
  • I got to watch the final Master’s Match, which was exciting right up until Mulg snacked on Vayl, damnit  :)
  • Colossals are very awesome, and carry a grand presence on the table, but they are certainly not broken.

And perhaps the best thing I learned over the weekend was that I am a much better play than I give myself credit for.  I half expected to get blown out in almost every game I played.  When you have only played in one Montana town, you have no idea how you stack up.  After all those games, and two tournaments, I am very happy with where my abilities are.  I have a great meta here in Bozeman, and we are fortunate to have almost every faction and many great players.  Thank you guys for prepping me to go up against everything out there.  Now let’s start prepping for Lock and Load 2013!


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